Friday, May 22, 2015

Island 4224 Book

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

some photos to share

"Meeting with the Spirits"
   Photo by Fu Ping

"Jackie and Jacko in Wunderland"

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Formosa Experiment goes to PAPAY GYRO! "福爾摩沙實驗"進入巴比齋魯之夜北歐年度藝術節!

巴比齋魯之夜北歐年度藝術節剛開始,可以看到由德國導演Verena Kyselka編劇,裡面我演幾個不同角色的動畫 "福爾摩沙實驗" 來看看通常看不到的巴!

PAPAY GYRO Art Festival in Scotland just started, this time you can see "Formosa Experiment", directed & scripted by German director Verena Kyselka, inside I performed some very different characters, and it is also animated. Come & see stuff you normally don't see of me!

Monday, January 5, 2015

News: ISLE 4224 just got selected by StigmArt10 2015 VideoBiennial Edition VIDEOFOCUS !

A full 7-page spread of interview coming up soon in the following month!

"ISLE 4224 has been selected for the Biennial Edition of VIDEOFOCUS, Stigmart10 Videobiennale, our special issue featuring videoartists and independent filmmakers.
We have been really impressed with your video series and we appreciate the way you explore the boundaries between memory and perception, and Your art is rich of references: your visual imagery seems to be close to Sergei Paradjanov's rarefied atmospheres and Romeo Castellucci's theatre. "


Friday, December 19, 2014

海島4224號系列 ISLE4224 Series



黑色深影緩緩燃燒起 ,  白色仍停留在沉默觀坐的想像海洋波濤中

物為物, 形體為幻影, 死亡重生真真假假的一支透視顯微鏡


此次創作屬於 "微:Homeland_Dreambody" 計劃系列。

呈現型式包括三部分:  裝置、表演、錄像。


*此創作裝置2014花蓮市藝托邦 (藝術一條街)
拍攝與美國藝術家John Geary的裝置作品結合及互動於藝托邦現場演出實况*

ISLE 4224 Series Basic Concept:

Like a lonley island of amnesia, each of us circles around the different selves, dancing 
endlessly, twirling the gorgeous and ethereal waltz.. 
Deep shadows of BLACK slowly burning its flame, while WHITE still stay in that silent sitting amidst a imaginary oceanic waves. 
Matter as substance, form as phantom, 
death-rebirth/reality-surreality of dubious humanity through a microscopic perspective. 
Gradually erasing or gently finding the deepest memories buried in the body, ghost dreams, spirit elves, nature life cycles thus appear one by one through familiar and unrecognizable-nameless songs, through fragments of storytelling, through movements to dance. 

The creative work belong to “MICRO: Homeland_Dreambody” series. The basis of developing work include three parts: Workshops Shooting videos Live Performance & exhibition The three part echoes the different timeline (past-present-future) of events and the invisible stories told circling infinitely as a mobius stripe.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

10/4/2014 DINNER FOR TWO 兩人的晚餐

ONSITE Festival Closing Performance, Taipei, Taiwan  混種閉幕演出 

作品於2014在新加坡三個月的研究計劃中發展出來。 “兩人的晚餐”除了經由一對男女來探討人類行為舉止,也探討在現代電子發達的社會中人們距離和親密間隱藏的心理分微。總體而言,這是一個晚餐盛宴,一個在各種聲音中互動的聲響叢林,現場發生的事情超出平時表面上日常生活現象但反映我們心靈深處體驗。演出用現場傳感器(sensor),歌,舞蹈動作,電子噪音,戲劇,和 live voice stream mix etc.做及時的創作演出。 

The fairly new artist duo D&D had already made their mark in March 2014 at ICAS
(Institute of Contemporary Art Singapore) with their live performance, live mixing sounds,
movements, and vocalizations. The first D stands for Dennis Tan (Sg) who is a sound
installation artist and experimental musician. Dennis learnt his crafts in Germany for over
10 years, and have exhibited and performed in Europe and Asia in the last years. He will
incorporate his very own unique creation DIY Electronics in Dinner For Two. The other D
stands for Delphine Mei (Tw) who is a mixed­media artist as well as experimental performer. 
Living abroad in Europe and USA for over 10 years and still performing internationally, she has developed the concept, movements, and vocalizations of lucid languages together with Dennis Tan during her recent 3­month residency in Singapore this year. "Dinner For Two" not only explores the nature of human behaviors but also investigates the underlying psychology between distance and intimacy in our modern time. Overall, it is a dinner feast, an interplay admist the forest of sounds, voices, songs, movements, theaters, live happenings that transit beyond your usual daily life.

ONSITE Festival, Taipei, Taiwan  混種閉幕演出 


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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Exhibition Opening Performance Taitung 台東開幕演出

"沒有土地的風景", 潘小雪個展-開幕演出和影像7/27/2014, 台東都蘭糖廠二倉

"Landscape without Land", Exhibition Opening Performance & Video,  Dulan Artist Space Second Foundry, Taitung, Taiwan, 7/27/2014
"landscape without land,history without story,museum without muse,republic without people!"