Wednesday, November 5, 2014

10/4/2014 DINNER FOR TWO 兩人的晚餐

ONSITE Festival Closing Performance, Taipei, Taiwan  混種閉幕演出 

ONSITE Festival, Taipei, Taiwan  混種閉幕演出 


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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Exhibition Opening Performance Taitung 台東開幕演出

"沒有土地的風景", 潘小雪個展-開幕演出和影像7/27/2014, 台東都蘭糖廠二倉

"Landscape without Land", Exhibition Opening Performance & Video,  Dulan Artist Space Second Foundry, Taitung, Taiwan, 7/27/2014
"landscape without land,history without story,museum without muse,republic without people!"

Monday, July 7, 2014

"Of subversion, staging, performance, and camouflage the fakes. The personages move as "semiotic snipers" in the jungle of signs. Their conviction that the best Subversion is to distort codes, instead of destroying them" 
Roland Barthes

顛覆,播放,演出, 和隱秘假象。在標誌的叢林中把人物移動作為“符號狙擊手”。他們深信最好的顛覆就是“歪曲代碼,而不是摧毀假象”   

Dinner for Two (ICAS Singapore)

Within the frame of Sound Exhibition "Altitude and Latitude"
ICAS (Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore) , LaSalle, Singapore

Delphine Mei , Taiwan 
Performance Concept / Voice / Movement & Percussion/ Text
Dennis Tan, Singapore 
Performance Concept/ Sound / DIY Electronics & Live Mix/Voice
30-45 minute live performance

Photo Credit
ICAS Live Performance by Jason Lee
DIY Electronics by Dennis Tan

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

2014.06.07 ~ 2014.06.29【聆聽零-微塵有聲】【Nos Souffle d’Echo】

聆聽零 – 微塵有聲】 - 詩歌行動裝置靜態展覽

【Nos Souffle d’Echo】+ CONCERT/ PERFORMANCE  


梅心怡 (行為表演), 黃耀廷 (行為表演), 劉芳一 (現場音樂)


以 多元美學,現場參與性質, 與開放觀眾對話 ; 邀約台灣當代藝術家 , 不論在地或海外遊子, 對國內當代藝術,  與當代社會生活共生的人文生態現況 ; 以簡約樸質方式, 透過現場活化的藝術實踐, 不論是感性抒發, 或智性探索, 共同進行現場審視, 紀錄, 與關懷 !
希望本著春秋戰國思想視野 豐富的東方哲學人文傳承 積極實踐莊周以明內涵,將藝術智慧實踐於當代民主自由社會生活的日常道理。
一系列行動藝術即興音樂會, 將以現場行動, 與對話座談方式,  如感性或 智性, 如正版與拓版方式, 相互顯現.三個次標題作為現場出發的力點 :關於人/ 關於藝術生存與生存藝術/ 關於全球化中地球儀時空的溫室效應。


Yoshua Yoshiyama (Live Music) , Tony Huang  (Performance art), Delphine Mei (Performance Art)

"Humanistic perspective on contemporary Poetry Arts-Action Practice"

By multiple aesthetics, participation, open dialogue to the audience, invite the Taiwan contemporary artist, both in land and overseas, their art practice in contemporary society ,as the cultural and ecological living way. Through live art practices and with simplicity aesthetic, whether it is emotional expression, or intellectual exploration, by art practice with the review in-situ, record, and care!

Go through the rich perspective of ideological and humanistic heritage of Oriental philosophy of ZHUANG Zhou, the contemporary art practice respond alive in our democratic society.
Both emotional or intellectual emerge, different improvisation concerts, performance art, and the open dialogue exchange with audience as art talk, will be proposed.

Temporarily title: "Humanistic perspective on contemporary Poetry Arts-Action Practice
It will be departing on three times: human being / artist survival and living arts/about the art on globalization with time and space in the greenhouse effect.

Series concerts, live performance will be proposed in June and October during the exhibition, at three or four weekend, in Taipei Treasure Hill Artist Village as co-organizer of ART TALK 


Monday, June 16, 2014

Let the silence continue like water

Flowing through the forest lands

Even in the lost times

Let the dance begin

Friday, June 13, 2014

Journey onwards and updates

From Feb - early June 2014 I have the opportunity to have a residency based in Singapore.
During this time, although invited to do something live at the ICAS LaSalle ( Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore, LaSalle College of Arts), and gratefully did an artist talk and workshop in IARC ( Independent Archive and Resource Center Singapore),  my main objective was to do some field research in the southeast Asia for my next series of art work about travel/land/crossing. 
These are from my traveling journal:
A collage in Jogyakarta on Java Island, Indonesia, as well as a writing piece, made together with photos I took on various locations (Melakka, Pulau Ubin, Singapore inner city) . 
It is part of my artistic processes, to gradually 丶slowly climbing up the mystery mountains inside, as if to swim the infinite ocean, with raw nakedness, flow eventually to my destination within,becoming one.
More updates soon

open the door it's light 

open the light it's right

never am i searching wondering wandering

endless nights on the streets

foreigner amongst my people

make home in my body

wandering               my soul   carelessly           aimlessly

like the bird without a tree to grow

like my mother


still struggle to find home



I bend my body    pieces of me     peace of body


owns nothing but the music

trying to find home in the music

the rhythm  


could it be more?

sitting on the couch       waiting

summer's eve

                       to come

could it be more?


slow & festive

smile & sassy

easy  breezy     wanna cover that girl

kinda of sexy



the rhythmn

the light

on the corner

open the door

it's light